Places to Stay

Hostel Plinio, Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

My top 5 places to stay in Costa Rica My best friend Sarah and I were travelling through Costa Rica for 3 weeks. For more details on our itinerary see Costa Rica – Volcanoes, Beaches and Wildlife. We usually look for hostels, but prefer to stay in a double room. Costa Rica has really blown […]

The Adventures of Montezuma

Isla Cabuya, Cemetery Island, Costa Rica

Take the time to stay in Montezuma for a few days. The town and it’s surroundings have a lot to offer: Beach view accomodation, waterfalls, snorkeling trip to Isla Tortuga, Isla Cabuya – Cemetery Island, charming cafés & restaurants Montezuma is located on the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Coast and it’s a small hippie […]